Frontier Days and Ladybugs

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today was the last day of Frontier Days. Malcolm did a little traffic control, but crowds were light, so he was done by 1:00. Val worked in Doyle’s food tent again today. She had a great time.

After Malcolm was done directing traffic, he came over to the trailer to start a little pre-trip packing. He put the bikes on the back of the trailer and noticed about a dozen ladybugs crawling on the outside back wall. Fortunately, they didn’t seem to be crawling around the sides of the trailer, so our fairly shady site seemed to help this year.

We found out that some of the folks parked more out in the direct afternoon sun were overrun with them, so we may have mostly dodged that bullet. We have caught about five bugs, total, over the last couple of days (all but one were crawling around inside this evening).

While Malcolm was waiting for traffic to start flowing in this morning, he made reservations for Thanksgiving week at the Playa Del Rio RV Resort. It looked like a nice little park, near the Gulf of Mexico (across the street) and it got fairly favorable reviews. Once Malcolm talked to the owner on the phone, he found out that they are full-timers, as well, and bought the park this year and have been making lots of improvements. David will drive down on Thanksgiving Day and we’ll run somewhere to have Thanksgiving dinner with him.

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to Nashville for a couple weeks.


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