In Nashville

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

This morning, we were up and moving just after 6:00 AM. We got freshened up and then started breaking down the trailer in preparation for leaving. After Val pulled in the kitchen slide, Malcolm started working on unhooking the power cord and Val noticed that the kitchen slide was not all the way in. We ran it back out after realizing that Malcolm had not removed the foam blocks we put behind the slide to keep birds from nesting in the tray where the wire raceways retract.

Malcolm saw the carnage – the metal wire raceways were bent all over the place, not allowing the raceway to fully retract into the tray behind the slide. (Sorry, we were wanting to get going and fixing something at 7:00 in the morning didn’t lend itself to a photo shoot). Malcolm got everything hammered into shape and put back together in about 30 minutes. It will hold up OK for now, but we’ll eventually order new metal wireways from Heartland and replace the bent up ones we have now.

We got all the tanks dumped and hit the road at 8:00 or so. The drive to Nashville was pretty uneventful. Even Callie settled down quickly and rode quietly for the five or so hours we spent on the road. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel south of Nashville for lunch, then drove on in to the KOA. We got set up in a pull-through site. The two rows behind us are being renovated, so there is construction going on during the day, but that shouldn’t bother us. The folks running the place were apologetic and went out of their way to make sure we were OK with all the dust and noise (we are).

One of Malcolm’s co-workers here in the Nashville office came to the campground with his pickup truck and both he and Malcolm loaded all the equipment we hauled up here into the beds of both trucks. They drove them down to the office in downtown Nashville and got them into the office. Malcolm got the tour and used one of the computers at the office to reserve a rental car that we will pick up early tomorrow morning. Though driving the dually downtown and parking it wasn’t a huge challenge, it would be a lot easier in a smaller vehicle (and the rental can be expensed).

View from the office building where Malcolm will be working.

View from the office building where Malcolm will be working.

Interesting 3D perspective on the truck's GPS

Interesting 3D perspective on the truck’s GPS

Malcolm came back to the trailer, we ate leftovers for dinner, Malcolm put the hitch and other stuff back in the bed of the truck (after emptying it to haul the equipment), we went out and filled the tank with 32.5 gallons of diesel (out of 38), then headed back to the trailer. Malcolm is doing a little work from the trailer (the campground wi-fi is pretty decent).

Tomorrow, we’ll both run down to Enterprise to pick up a car, Val will take the truck back to the campground and Malcolm will head downtown to work.


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