Work, Errands and Cold

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

Tuesday morning, we awakened to snow flurries. We got ourselves going and drove to Enterprise to pick up our rental car – a white Kia. Malcolm drove on to work from there and Val headed back to the trailer to do errands and wash laundry. The laundry at the KOA, though a bit expensive, was laid out nice and had several nice features.

Malcolm’s commute has ended up being about 25 minutes each way. He’s actually taking a somewhat back way into town rather than highways and interstates. It is a smooth route with few traffic signals and the traffic moves well. Malcolm spent the day setting up the equipment we hauled up from Alabama and settling into his temporary office.

Once Malcolm got home from work and we had dinner, we ran out to Kroger to get three weeks worth of groceries. Val is getting back into the once-a-month cooking plans we used to use for years. You cook up a month’s worth of meals and typically freeze them until you are ready to serve them. Val spent most of today cooking up and freezing many of the dishes. A couple she didn’t have an ingredient for, so we went to the grocery store again this evening to get those forgotten items.

We also walked around the outlet mall just down the road from the campground. Fortunately, it was all inside, since the weather is still pretty frigid. The mall is anchored on one end with a nice Bass Pro Shop. We wandered around in there for a bit before heading to the mall portion.

We’re back in the trailer for the evening with the fireplace and a space heater going, keeping warm. This should be our last below freezing night for a while, at least.


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