LEDs and a Leak

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

On Monday, Malcolm ordered replacement LED bulbs for our halogen puck lights from Amazon and they arrived at the office today. We brought them home and replaced the seven working halogen bulbs and one burned out one this evening.

LED Replacements

LED Replacements

We got BrightChoice G4 Warm White bulbs for $5.95 each. Malcolm mis-counted and ordered 10, and we only needed 8, so we have a couple spares. They are not much whiter than the halogen bulbs that they replaced, which we like. It lends a warm atmosphere instead of a cold, harsh light.

Val went to the office with Malcolm today, so she could look around and see where he is working. She had planned on exploring downtown this afternoon, but decided to sit in the quiet office and crochet all day. She also took advantage of the fast wi-fi.

After work, we walked downtown with one of Malcolm’s co-workers and had excellent pasta dinners at Demos’ Restaurant. It was just around the block from the office building, so we walked there and then walked back to the parking garage afterwards.

Once back at the trailer, Malcolm went to get a couple of things out of the basement for Val and found that the carpet in the basement was wet. Malcolm pulled out most of the totes and removed the basement wall to track down the source of the leak. It took a while, but he finally found that the water pump was slowly dripping from underneath the pressure switch.

Water pump leak.

Water pump leak.

Not sure if it is an easy fix, be we’ve been debating purchasing a nicer water pump, so this may be the reason to move ahead. To keep it from soaking the carpet any further (the wood floor seems to be firm and not swollen), Malcolm slid a lid from one of the totes under the drip to catch the water for now. We’ll probably tackle a more permanent solution next week in Florida.


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