On the Way to the Beach

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Friday morning, we both headed to the office in the truck, parking on the top level of the parking deck. After eating lunch with Malcolm’s co-workers, we hopped in the truck and headed to Louisville for visitation for Malcolm’s cousin.

We met with the family and with a couple of Malcolm’s aunts and uncles. After giving our respects, we were invited over to the family’s house for dinner. The neighbors were there fixing food and making everyone feel comfortable. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and drove back to Nashville and dropped into bed in the trailer. The drive to and from Louisville was 3 hours each way.

This morning, we got up and Val worked on getting the trailer ready to move. Meanwhile, Malcolm took a freshly empty LP tank and headed to get fuel in the truck. Using a bunch of our Kroger fuel points, Malcolm saved $1.00 per gallon on diesel, paying $2.73 per gallon. He had the LP tank filled on the way back into the KOA, then helped finish hooking up the trailer.

This morning seemed to be fraught with minor issues. First, the rear stabilizer wouldn’t retract fully, but it was almost there, so not big issue. The level-up system would retract most of the way, then stop and indicate low battery voltage. After a second try, it retracted the jacks the rest of the way but indicated low battery voltage again (we later read the yellow sticker on the inside of the door that mentions it might do that in cold weather).

Val forgot to move Callie’s litter box enclosure and broke the door off of it when the living room slide tried to squish it. Fortunately, we always leave the door open since Callie won’t use the box if the door is shut (it has a small hole to climb through, but she doesn’t like it).

Once we got all hooked up, Malcolm noticed that four of the tire pressure sensors were not working. Two were on the trailer and two on the truck. He tried resetting the batteries in the trailer sensors, but no luck. Later, at a rest stop, Malcolm swapped batteries between the two working sensors and the two non-working ones and they all woke up. It is probably about time to get new batteries.

The trip itself went without incident and we pulled into Ft. Toulouse about 2:45 PM. We set up, got the heat running, let Callie loose in the trailer and headed to the house. We picked up our mail and packages and took David to town to get groceries. We dropped him back off at the house and headed to Zaxby’s for dinner, filled the truck up with fuel at Murphy Oil and picked up a prescription at Walgreens for Val.

Tomorrow morning, we head to the beach for the week.


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