At the Beach

Current Location: Playa Del Rio RV Resort, Perdido Key, Florida

We slept in a little late this morning and Malcolm headed out with the truck to get some cash from our bank’s ATM and grab a cup of coffee from McDonalds. Once back, he swept the leaves off the tops of the slides and we packed up and hooked up to the truck.

Ready to pull out, we found that a couple of the trailer tire monitor sensors were not registering again. Malcolm pulled into the parking lot of the nearby WalMart and ran in to buy new batteries for the sensors and installed them on the trailer tires. They all registered right away. We’re hoping that’s all that was wrong.

The trip was pretty straightforward and uneventful. We arrived here in Perdido Key around 2:30 PM. We initially missed the entrance for the campground and it was another four miles before we found a parking lot big enough to turn around in.

Backed into our site. The Gulf of Mexico is off in the distance.

Backed into our site. The Gulf of Mexico is off in the distance.

After checking into the campground, we wandered around to check out the facilities. They are really nice. We put our names on the sign-up sheet for Thanksgiving dinner here, so we’ll be having dinner with our neighbors here instead of our original plan of going to Cracker Barrel. Should be fun.

The campground is under new ownership as of this year and they’ve been really sprucing the place up. The sites down the west side of the street are really nice pads with brick pavers for parking on. Eventually, the sites down the east side will get the same treatment. So far, everyone has been friendly.

New sites on the left.

New sites on the left.

We saw quite a few license plates along the way south on I-65. Lots of folks heading to the beach or to family for the holidays. 24 out of 51 states found today.

License plates found

License plates found


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