Stormy Weather

Current Location: Playa Del Rio RV Resort, Perdido Key, Florida

Yesterday, we did some shopping ahead of the incoming weather we were expecting. We picked up a couple items for the trailer and did some grocery shopping for Thanksgiving supplies. We signed up at the campground for a pitch-in Thanksgiving dinner they are having and will be bringing a couple items. It should be fun.

Malcolm was miserable a better part of the day. He thought maybe he was coming down with a cold, but thinks now that it might just be a lot of allergies kicking in at the same time. He bought some Claritin-D to take in an attempt to stave off the sniffles and sneezes. It seemed to have helped at bedtime.

The weather turned bad as the evening progressed. We were up off and on all night as the wind buffeted the trailer and the rain came down in sheets. There wasn’t much in the way of thunder and lightning, just a lot of wind and rain. The trailer seemed to have survived the soaking quite well. It certainly would have pointed out any leaks. The only wet spot we found was just inside the off-door side basement door where water was pooled up outside the seal and apparently seeped through the screw holes and wetted the carpet just inside.

This morning, we headed out to do some final Christmas shopping and take an item back to the store that we couldn’t use. When we left the campground, we saw the gas station just up the road had part of its canopy collapsed on the ground. When we came back home after lunch, there were workers there fixing it. We’re not sure if the wind or the rain brought the canopy down.

Fixing the canopy

Fixing the canopy

After we got back, we walked out the boardwalk to the beach to watch the high waves. It was pretty messy out there. We did pass a bunch of vehicles parked alongside the road and saw people getting surfboards out to head down to the water. There were definitely some tall waves out there, considering the relatively calm water that usually prevails in this area.

Churning waves

Churning waves

We’re expecting a little more rain this evening, then it is supposed to be windy all night tonight and again tomorrow, bringing colder weather in. The temperature tomorrow evening is forecasted to be just below freezing. Brrr. Fortunately, the rest of the week is supposed to be a bit warmer, sunnier and not as windy.

Callie watching the dog across the way.

Callie watching the dog across the way.


One thought on “Stormy Weather

  1. Experience some of the same types of leaks around screw heads in basement door frames. Caulked all screw heads to prevent rain ingestion and oxidation (rusting) of screw heads.

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