Back to Alabama

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We packed up this morning and headed out from the Playa Del Rio RV Park around 8:30 am. It was an easy trip back to Wetumpka, and we got to Fort Toulouse just before noon. The new batteries in the tire pressure sensors did the trick – no blank displays today. The weather was good for travel, as well, garnering us an 11 MPG average fuel economy (we got about that much going down to Florida, as well).

Just as we were wondering when the truck would tell us it was due for an oil change, the message popped up today after our first rest stop, at about 7,100 miles. Malcolm was going to have it changed this week, regardless, if it hadn’t popped up.

Once we were unloaded, we headed to Moe’s in Montgomery for lunch, then took our dead MiFi unit (it died a couple days ago) to the AT&T store to get it looked at. Naturally, even though we tried everything, the AT&T customer service person plugged it into the wall and turned it on. Go figure. At least that was relatively hassle-free.

We stopped by the house, picked up a few boxes to sort through, grabbed some mail and Malcolm pulled the batteries out of the old pickup truck, since they are not holding a charge well. We dropped them at Auto Zone to have them tested. Meanwhile, we stopped by the trailer and unloaded our boxes, then went to the office to pay our week’s campground fees.

Back to Auto Zone and one of the two batteries was bad. They were out of replacements, but should have one in tomorrow by lunch. Malcolm will run back over to get it and take it to the house and re-install the batteries tomorrow. We also stopped by Walgreens to get some prescriptions filled, then back to the trailer for dinner and relaxation.

Malcolm is back to work tomorrow. He’ll be working the next three weeks. This week in Wetumpka, next week in Nashville and the third week back here in Wetumpka.

Also, on the trip down to Florida, we passed the 20,000 mile mark since we started full-time. Today on the way home, we passed the 20,000 mile mark for 2013 (we only traveled 215 miles last year, so the two numbers have been close all year long).

Traffic heading north today was pretty heavy, garnering us quite a few license plates on our map – 28 in all. We even saw Alaska, Hawaii and D.C.

Today's License Plates

Today’s License Plates



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