Busy Monday

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We had a typical busy “first day back in town” Monday. Malcolm went to work and got busy reserving a campground site and rental car for next week in Nashville. Val and David went out shopping for groceries for the three of us to last through Christmas week.

Malcolm picked up the battery that Auto Zone had ordered for him for the old truck, then he dropped the new truck off at Collier Ford in Wetumpka to get the oil changed. They were done in less than 30 minutes, including filling the DEF tank and draining the water separator. The total bill for the oil change wasn’t much more than what we were paying an independent shop to change the oil in the old truck.

Mid-afternoon, Malcolm stopped by the house and re-installed the batteries in the old truck and brought UPS deliveries in from the porch.

After work this evening, David dropped Val off at the office and she rode to the house with Malcolm. She had started today’s dinner in the crockpot there. After dinner, Malcolm worked on finishing up the wood laminate floor in the living room. We had left a couple boards’ width out until we got the rear door replaced. Now that the door is in, it was time to finish the floor.

On the way back to the trailer, Malcolm picked up some more quarter molding to finish trimming up the baseboard in the living room. Tomorrow, he’ll finish the tile work in front of the door in the sun room that was also replaced and do the quarter round in there, as well.


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