Future Mod and a Fail

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Yesterday and today were mainly just work and errands. We did pick up something at Costco last night that we will make into a new mod for the trailer. Stay tuned next week to find out what it is. Malcolm promises to take pictures along the way as more of a how-to guide for the modification.

Our Fail was the cat litter box furniture that we had purchased to hide Callie’s litter box. The first failure was the door with the hole too small for her to get through, causing her to subsequently leave a very visible message on the floor in front of the box. No problem, we just left the door open (until Val closed the slide on the piece and broke the door hinge).

The latest fail came in the form of a smell that we were originally blaming on cheap cat litter. We found that urine had slowly been seeping between the top and bottom halves of the litter box down the outside and underneath. It subsequently soaked into the fiberboard bottom of the cabinet. The smell became overwhelming by the time Malcolm discovered that the piece was essentially ruined. (Sorry if that was too much information, but such are the travails of living in an RV sometimes).

We’re now just using a deep storage container by itself as a litter box (which Callie immediately approved of). A bonus is that it has a lid we can snap on while in transit.

Tomorrow is pack down day in preparation for a work trip to Nashville next week. Malcolm will make sure that the LP tanks are topped off as we are expecting cold weather most all week up north.


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