Back to Nashville

Current Location: Two Rivers Campground, Nashville, Tennessee

We packed up this morning in a light drizzle, dumped the tanks and hit the road back to Nashville for one more trip this year. Malcolm has to work in Nashville this week. It rained and drizzled the whole way up here, but fortunately quit just before we got into town. That allowed us to set up without being rained on. It has rained off and on this evening, however.

This evening, we decided to drive around and find a place to eat. We were excited to find a Famous Dave’s Barbecue place. We’ve eaten at Famous Dave’s out in Washington state with our daughter and her family. It is one of their favorite places to eat. Considering we stopped for a quick lunch at a McDonalds on the way up, a hearty, warm meal was a welcome sight.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll pick up a rental car and Malcolm will head downtown to work. Several of his co-workers from the Alabama office are also up here this week for some type of training classes. Should be interesting to see what is going on.



2 thoughts on “Back to Nashville

    • Hopefully you meant that you hope we are not next to the truck shop, which we aren’t. However, I see what others complain about in the reviews for this campsite. I’ve come to the conclusion that the primary purpose of the Gray Line shop over here is to perform long-term tests of the backup beepers on the buses.

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