Cold and Snow

Current Location: Two Rivers Campground, Nashville, Tennessee

Yesterday was work for Malcolm. He called Enterprise Car Rental as soon as they opened at 7:30 and had them come out to the campground and pick him up to get a rental car. He was on his way with a VW Passat and got to the office around 8:30. This week they are holding training classes for several employees and Malcolm is basically observing, answering questions and watching his email for things that need his attention.

After Malcolm got home from the office, we had dinner and went to the Opry Mall to walk around for a while. We sat down and had some Starbucks beverages then headed back to the trailer for the evening.

This morning, we woke up to about an inch of snow on top of about a quarter inch of ice. We heard it sleeting off and on as we went to bed. Malcolm made his way slowly to work, with some of the roads still a bit icy in spots. It took an hour where it usually took 25 minutes. No accidents or issues, fortunately.

Ice and Snow

Ice and Snow

We had originally planned on leaving here this coming weekend, but work wanted Malcolm to stay next week, as well. We’ll stay until Friday of next week, pending any weather issues, so we can get home to pack for our trip to Seattle.



3 thoughts on “Cold and Snow

  1. How neat! When will you be coming to South Texas so that you can modify my kitchen lighting with a LED light strips? Just kidding! Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Years. Stay safe in all your travels.

  2. Great mod! Can’t wat to see it in person.

    Note that these led strips are for indoor use only… that’s a great price. I looked at them for using under an awning but they are not for outside!

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