Countdown to Christmas

Current Location: Two Rivers Campground, Nashville, Tennessee

We are in our last few days before starting more travel, including a plane trip to visit family in the Seattle area. Malcolm is working through Thursday, then we head home on Friday.

On Monday, our AT&T Liberate internet device started beeping and losing connection. We’ve found that it is a common problem with these devices. Internet reviews show it to be a common issue not resolved by getting a replacement device. We are debating changing devices, if possible, instead of having constant problems with that device. The problem will be that we won’t really have much time to swap it out in the next month. We’ll see.

Today, Val rode the shuttle from the campground to downtown in time to meet Malcolm to pick up some lunch. We ate at the office with several of Malcolm’s co-workers. Val stayed the rest of the afternoon and worked on crochet projects.

After work, we rode home in the rental car, stopping by Dave and Busters for dinner. We brought home leftovers. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and catching the blog up to date (while tethered to Malcolm’s phone since the campground wi-fi was being finicky this evening).


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