Packing and Rain

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Yesterday, we ran a couple errands and met David for lunch at Five Guys. We also swung by the house to check mail and to grab our luggage to pack for our trip out west. We went back to the trailer and packed the suitcases with pretty much everything we plan on taking.

This morning we headed out, picked up David and headed to church. After church, we had lunch at the Japanese/Sushi place at David’s request and stopped by Gamestop so he could look for something he needed. We headed back to Wetumpka from there and stopped at WalMart to meet a friend of David’s and give him something he forgot at our house the other day.

After the meetup at WalMart, we stopped at the trailer, changed out of our Sunday clothes and packed up things to take to the house while we are gone. We took Callie and all her things (food, litter box, litter, etc.) as well as all the items from our freezer in the trailer. Once at the house, we unloaded the cat and her stuff and put the freezer items in the freezer. Val grabbed the old truck and we drove both trucks back to the campground, stopping by WalMart to put diesel in the older truck, since we’re driving it to Atlanta tomorrow.

We finished emptying our inside refrigerator so it could defrost while we are away. Val took the opportunity to clean the inside really well as well as all the shelves, drawers and such. We’ll leave it off and open while we’re gone. After dinner, all the refrigerated items (mostly condiments) went to the outside refrigerator in the bistro. Have we ever mentioned how much we love that second kitchen?

We finished packing a few odds and ends and sat down to relax for the evening. It is still raining, and has been since last night. The campground has a lot of standing water around. It is supposed to taper off overnight, though.

Tomorrow, we’ll set the trailer up for us being gone. Malcolm will have both LP tanks topped off (one is empty, the other is partial). We’ll unhook the city water, turn off the water heater and set the furnace for 50 degrees to keep anything from freezing. Looks like temperatures on the 10 day forecast are going to generally stay above freezing, but just barely.


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