Off to Disney

Current Location: Casey Jones RV Park, Lake City, Florida

We were up this morning to get ready to head out to Florida. Malcolm pulled one of our LP tanks to get it filled. We used less than a full tank the whole time we were gone to Washington. The thermostat was set to 50 degrees to keep the pipes warm. The temperatures in Alabama were in the 20’s or 30’s overnight pretty much every night we were gone, so we’re happy with the gas usage.

When Malcolm got to the feed store to get LP at 7:30, he found out they actually open at 8:00. There was one employee there at 7:30 but he couldn’t leave the counter to go outside and fill the tank, so Malcolm waited and chatted until a couple more employees arrived just before 8:00. They put 25 lb. of LP in the tank and filled Malcolm’s coffee mug. He was back at the trailer a little after 8 and had the tank back in.

David spent the night with us last night since he is accompanying us on our trip and will be following in his car. He and Val got things ready in and around the trailer to prepare for leaving. We hooked up the trailer, did our usual tests and then David and Val headed out in David’s car to get it filled with gas while Malcolm emptied the gray and black tanks on the trailer. We all met up at a rest area near Ozark, Alabama and Val rode in the truck with Malcolm the remainder of the trip.

Between winter fuel and a little wind, we were only getting around 9.4 MPG in the truck today. We had a goal to make it to Casey Jones RV Park and should have made it on a single tank of fuel, but as we got closer it was obvious we weren’t going to make it. Finding places to get fuel around the I-10 and I-75 intersection in Florida is a bit tricky if you are almost on empty. We pulled into a Chevron with the truck reading 5 miles to empty and filled both the truck and the car. The campground was at the next exit, 5 miles away. We usually don’t let the fuel get that low, but at least we made it.

Our site at Casey Jones

Our site at Casey Jones

Having David’s car along with us was handy, as we left the trailer hooked up to the truck and just put the front jacks down and the rear stabilizer. We piled into David’s car after setting up and went to Walmart to get a couple new sewer hoses for the trailer and some toiletries that David forgot. Then we stopped by Publix to get two Sunpass toll stickers for tomorrow’s trip to Disney (one for the truck, one for David’s car).

Malcolm registered the new stickers with the account we had opened last January while we ate dinner at Steak and Shake. Back at the trailer, we put the toll tags in the car and the truck and relaxed the rest of the evening.



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