Disney World – Day 1 – Epcot

Current Location: Fort Wilderness Campground, Bay Lake, Florida (Disney)

Today we got up, put on our jackets, turned on the furnace and the outdoor lights on the trailer and headed to catch the bus. We took the bus to the boat and got on the boat. We took the boat to the monorail and got on the monorail. We got off the monorail and got on another monorail. We got off that monorail at Epcot for the day.

Obligatory central Epcot shot.

Obligatory central Epcot shot.

When we got there, the temperature was around 70 degrees. The sun was in and out of the clouds. David and Malcolm had Fast Passes for the Test Track, but it was closed for repairs at the time of their passes. However, once it opened back up, the passes were now good for all day long, so they could ride at any time.

Malcolm putting the Epcot ball back in place. Management didn't notice it missing, fortunately.

Malcolm putting the Epcot ball back in place. Management didn’t notice it missing, fortunately.

While waiting for that ride to start running, we decided to ride Mission: Space. It simulates the g-forces involved in take off and landing. Val ended up getting more motion sick than she thought she would while riding it. While she didn’t get sick on the ride, once we got to the German Biergarten for lunch, she couldn’t handle the smell of food, so David and Malcolm had German food for lunch while Val enjoyed a glass of ice water (fortunately, free).

Entertainment at the Biergarten

Entertainment at the Biergarten

Val got her stomach back later in the afternoon and snacked. We had dinner in the Coral Reef Restaurant. In between lunch and dinner, Malcolm and David rode the Test Track ride. We also walked around several of the country exhibits. During the afternoon, the wind picked up and the temperature started dropping.

Malcolm and David's car design at the test track.

Malcolm and David’s car design at the test track.

The plan after dinner was to hang around long enough to stay for the 9:00 light show. We chickened out due to the cold weather, though, and hopped a bus back to the campground. Tomorrow’s high temperature is not expected to crack 50 degrees (and it will be around 32 degrees in the morning). We picked tomorrow’s cold weather to wander around the Animal Kingdom park.


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