Arrived in Tampa

Current Location: Lazydays Campground, Seffner, Florida (Tampa)

We got up this morning and started packing up the trailer. Val worked inside while Malcolm worked outside. David packed up his gear and tossed it in his car, then drove Malcolm to the parking lot at Fort Wilderness so he could get the truck and drive it back to the site. David headed on towards home.

We pulled out from Fort Wilderness around 9:30 and arrived here in the Tampa area around 11:00 am. We checked in at the office and backed into our space after taking the bikes off the rack on the back. We backed the rear bumper right up into the bushes behind the site to leave enough room up front to park the truck across the space.

Site 8 at Lazydays

Site 8 at Lazydays

One other Heartland trailer was already here – Randy and Santha Allen arrived yesterday. Later today, Ken and Faye Hyde arrived with their Landmark this afternoon.

Once we were all set up, we headed to eat lunch at the nearby Cracker Barrel. After Cracker Barrel, we stopped by the Lazydays store to look for a couple things we needed. Not finding them there, we drove up to the next exit and found what we needed at Camping World.

Once back to the trailer, Val started cleaning inside the trailer while Malcolm hooked up the water (one of the things we needed from Camping World was a new water hose). Val dusted and wiped down while Malcolm vacuumed after he got done hooking up water. The trailer was overdue for a good cleaning and we figured we’d probably have a few people wanting to check out some of our recent modifications.

After cleaning, we loaded a ton of laundry in the truck and drove it over to the laundry facilities. We loaded up five washers, then four dryers. We took everything back to the trailer, folded and hung up everything and made the bed. Then we had soup for dinner and plopped down to relax for the rest of the evening.


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