Two Busy Days

Current Location: Lazydays Campground, Seffner, Florida (Tampa)

We went to the RV show both yesterday and today. Yesterday, we wandered around nearly all day, walking through various trailers and motorhomes, seeing what the competition looked like. When all was said and done, we still love our Heartland product the best. We are nowhere near buying a new trailer, but if we were, we would pick up the Bighorn 3875FB with the front bathroom. It’s such a cool floorplan.

Otherwise, we walked around looking at different features on various units that we liked or didn’t like. An RV show is a great way to see all those little details that make an RV unique, many of which can be copied in your own rig. Plus, it is fun to see how the industry progresses over the years.

Today we volunteered to help staff the Heartland Owners Club table in place of our friends Hogan and Donna Cooper who came down sick and had to back out. We had a great time talking to potential owners and potential club members. There are several folks here from the Heartland home office and it is fun to chat with them about the products and things we’ve done to make our trailer our own.

We ended up walking around the fairgrounds again this afternoon and spent the entire day at the show once all was said and done. While yesterday was fairly warm (not quite short sleeve weather at 65 degrees), today was quite chilly. We never did shed our jackets. It was in the low- to mid-50’s and windy all day.

This evening, all of the club member volunteers and a few other folks met at Macaroni Grill for a dinner paid for by Heartland as a thanks for our efforts in volunteering at the show. The food was great and we had a great time sitting around and talking. We got there just after 6:00 and were surprised when we were leaving that it was already 9:30.

Tomorrow morning, we are volunteering at the table again. It is supposed to be a touch warmer. Let’s hope so. By the way, pictures from the show are coming up soon.


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