Back Home Again

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We got up this morning and got with it, hooking up and pulling out from Lazydays around 8:00 AM. We saw a few of our fellow Heartland friends on the way out and said our goodbyes. The plan was to drive as far as we felt like driving and spend the night somewhere. As we neared Troy, Malcolm indicated he would probably stop there at Deer Run for the night, but it was only about 4:00 PM central time and he decided to push on once we got there. We ended up driving just over 500 miles today.

We rolled into Fort Toulouse right at the tail end of dusk. It was just light enough (barely) to see where we were backing into. We got the trailer lined up in the site, dropped the jacks, unhooked the truck and leveled up the coach. Malcolm plugged in the AC cord while Val put out the slides and turned on the heat. We brought the cat inside and let her loose, then headed back out for a quick meal at Zaxby’s.

Back to the trailer, Val finished doing some of the unpacking, set the clocks on the coffee pot and microwave and we both plopped down to relax. Malcolm is planning on going to work after lunch tomorrow. We have an LP tank that needs filled and need to stop by the campground office to pay for our stay.

We will be here four weeks. Our goal at the end of this four weeks is to have our house on the market and our son off to Air Force boot camp. It should be a busy few weeks.


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