Back to Work

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Monday morning, Malcolm headed out with an empty LP tank and got it filled at the feed store. Once back at the trailer, he hooked it back up and we both headed out to run errands and to pick up the other truck and mail from the house. We stopped by the campground office and paid for a month (we’ll be here 4 weeks).

While standing at the campground office, we got text messages that our internet data plan was at 75% of a 1 gigabyte overage. 20 minutes later, while we were already away from the trailer, we got another message that said that we were at 100% of the 1 gigabyte overage and a new one was starting. This seemed to indicate that something at the trailer was using data at a phenomenal rate. We decided to visit AT&T about this.

After the campground payment was made, we headed into town and browsed around Home Depot for a bit. We decided to eat lunch at Moe’s. David called and was going to join us. While we waited for him to show up, we went on in to the AT&T store to talk to them about trading our Mifi unit in for a USB thumb drive type so we could use our Wifi Ranger unit for connectivity. AT&T no longer carries USB thumb drive modems, so we went on our way and ate lunch at Moes.

After lunch, Malcolm stopped by Verizon and ordered a USB thumb drive internet modem from them that is compatible with our Wifi Ranger. It should arrive later this week. We’ll reduce our data plan on AT&T and use the Verizon for the majority of our data. We’ll eventually switch our phones over to Verizon, as well, once we decide to get new phones.

Malcolm was going to head to work after the Verizon visit, but decided to just wait and go in on Tuesday, since that was his original plan. That gave us the afternoon to get other errands accomplished.

Today, Malcolm went on into work. They were glad to see him, as usual. He kept busy doing things that were a little backlogged and helped out with a couple of issues on existing projects. Looks like he will have plenty to do the next four weeks. We met for lunch in town. Val was busy at the house doing laundry and starting the long process of sorting through things and doing some general cleaning.

We ate dinner at the house and Malcolm did some more cleaning in the master bathroom. It’s going to take a while to get everything organized. We should be busy the next few weeks, for sure.


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