Weekend Update

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Still cleaning and sorting through stuff at the house. It will take all of the next few weeks to get through it all. Val and David have been going through things during the day. We’ve all been cleaning and straightening up as well. It’s a room at a time job. We have two of the three bathrooms pretty much complete. Malcolm spent today touching up caulking in the two bathrooms and will be painting trim in them next.

We’ve been generating quite a few bags of trash. No sooner does our roll out trash container get emptied than we fill it back again. This afternoon, we loaded several bags of garbage in the back of the truck and threw them in the dumpster at the campground. Since there are only about 5 or 6 units here at any time, the dumpster hardly ever gets much trash in it, so might as well make use of it. Malcolm also emptied the gray and black tanks on the trailer this afternoon, toting the contents to the dump station using the camp host’s golf cart to pull the tote.

This morning, we took an LP tank over to get it filled. We found out that LP gas went up 30% in price since the last time we filled a tank earlier in the week. We’ll be cutting the thermostat back and using our fireplace (electric heater) and the small electric heater in the bedroom more.

This evening, we went out to eat at Red Robin. David and his friends are having their last game night at the house this evening. After today, the house is off limits for any further crowds or get-togethers as we work on finishing up the clean-up activities. The house will serve as “hotel” for a few folks in town visiting for David’s going away party. Once everyone is gone, the house gets emptied, carpets get replaced and we will clean one last time before it goes on the market.


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