Continued Clean Up

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Sunday morning we went to church. We hadn’t been there in a couple months, so folks were glad to see us. Some were curious about our “move” to Nashville. Val had sent out invitations to several people at church to invite them to a going away party for our son and also mentioned it was a sort of going away party for us, as well, since we’ll be in the Nashville area more than here once we get the house on the market.

Lunch on Sunday was Mellow Mushroom. After that, we dropped by the trailer, changed clothes and headed to the house to start cleaning in the garage since the weather was warm. We took David out to dinner at Five Guys for hamburgers and called it an evening early.

Working on the garage

Working on the garage

Today, Malcolm was back at work. Val and David continued organizing and cleaning in the house. They also took the first load of stuff to donate to the local thrift shop.

First load out the door

First load out the door

Malcolm stopped by the house and we had dinner together, then tackled a few more boxes in the garage and some stuff inside that Malcolm needed to sort through. After that, we all headed to Lowes to pick up more boxes for sending things off to the thrift store and to look at various containers for longer term storage of things we’ll be keeping (mainly David and Elizabeth’s stuff).

The southeast is expecting  weather over the next couple of days, so we’ll see how that pans out. Local schools are already cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Malcolm plans on going to work tomorrow, but will head back to the trailer to work remotely if the weather starts looking bad. Val brought stuff back to the trailer this evening so she can work out here instead of at the house if needed.


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