More Packing, Cleaning and Sorting

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We’ve spent the last few days still sorting things out at the house. We’ve given some away to a friend of David’s that has a new place of his own. We have another truck load of stuff ready to go to Faith Rescue Mission. We’ve been hauling truckloads of trash back to the campground and putting it in their dumpster since its not very busy here right now and the dumpster rarely gets even half full.

David came over to the trailer and spent the night with us last night so he could get up and go to church with us this morning. We headed to church with a back seat full of stuff we were giving to folks there. We gave a friend of ours a big pile of cake decorating supplies since she likes to do that sort of thing. She wanted to offer us something for it all and we decided she can make a cake for David’s going away party next weekend.

We spent more time at the house this afternoon clearing things after Malcolm emptied the gray and black tanks on the trailer this afternoon. It kept threatening rain all afternoon, but the temperature has been mild in the mid-70’s. Quite a change from all the freezing weather and ice we had earlier in the week.



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