Weather or Not

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today, Val was up early to get some tests done in preparation for her surgery tomorrow. Malcolm stayed home from work to take Elizabeth and Scarlet to the airport. While finishing breakfast, Malcolm and Elizabeth read a news story about Atlanta airport being prepared for winter weather and staying open today. Another news story told of many flights in and out of Atlanta being cancelled. When it was time for Elizabeth to leave for the airport, her flight was still showing on-time.

Once at the airport, Elizabeth’s flight was still on, but was delayed about an hour. Malcolm helped her get her bag and car seat checked. He said goodbyes to her and Scarlet about the time our son texted us to let us know his flight to boot camp was cancelled (through DFW). Elizabeth’s flight ended up leaving about and hour and a half late, but arrived in time for her to catch her connecting flight to Seattle, which also left the airport. We later found out that all other flights into Atlanta from Montgomery were cancelled today, so she lucked out and got the last flight over there.

David will be leaving on Thursday morning now. They took all the recruits over to Maxwell AFB for the day then put them back up in the hotel in downtown Montgomery for the next two nights. Malcolm was able to run a couple things David forgot to pack downtown to him at dinner time.

Tomorrow is Val’s outpatient surgery. We are supposed to be at the hospital by 9:30 and should be on the way back home the same afternoon.


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