A Surprise Visitor

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today, Val spent the day recuperating mainly in bed. Malcolm stayed home to assist with her moving about and to bring drinks, food and snacks. Malcolm was also recuperating from his cold which, by mid-day, was starting to subside. Fortunately, he was able to get a full day’s work in remotely. He plans on going into the office tomorrow.

Malcolm emptied the front gray tank earlier in the morning so he could take a shower later. He borrowed the camp host’s golf cart to take it to the dump station. At lunch, Malcolm emptied the black tank with the intent on maybe trying to flush it. Once the initial tank load was in the tote, he realized that the golf cart was not around. It ended up being out and about on official duties all afternoon, so the tote sat full all evening. Malcolm decided to finish tank duties on Saturday.

Val called one of our friends at church to inquire about having dinners brought in temporarily. She obliged by sending a nice chicken and rice casserole over, as well as a plate full of fruit. Earlier in the afternoon, David texted to indicate he was allowed to leave the hotel (he is still waiting to fly to Texas for basic training) as long as he was back by 10:00. Malcolm drove downtown and picked up David around 5:00. They stopped by the house so David could swap a couple items of clothing and Malcolm picked up the mail and grabbed the remaining snack food from the house to bring to the trailer.

David ate dinner with us and visited for a bit before Malcolm ran him back downtown. David wanted to grab a shower and get to bed early, anticipating a busy day tomorrow. We pray that he will finally get to fly out tomorrow. It’s no fun having to wait around. If he can’t fly tomorrow, he will end up in a different group in basic training and will graduate a week later. Eight of the twelve people in his group from Montgomery managed to get flights out today.

Malcolm found out that work would like him to come out to the San Diego area (actually Irvine, California) and assist them for a week while they install new systems. He made flight plans and will be leaving March 2 and coming back in on March 8 to Montgomery. Val will stay here with the trailer. We had originally planned on pulling up stakes and heading to Nashville that week. That is now delayed a week. We’re thinking of moving things around a bit and taking a longer period of time off to be in Texas when David graduates.



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