Gearing Back Up

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Malcolm headed back into work on Friday. Val felt good enough to get around the trailer on her own. Malcolm came home for lunch, as well. David texted us Friday morning to let us know he finally caught a flight out of Montgomery to head on to San Antonio for basic training. By evening he was on base safe and sound.

We spent the evening inside the trailer on Friday, relaxing and healing. Malcolm’s cold was still hanging on pretty well and Val just felt like taking it easy. Malcolm got home a little late as work had him still going after 5:00 pm.

This morning we headed to the office to pay for three more weeks of camp fees. We had originally planned on heading out for a couple weeks of travel starting today, but decided instead to stay around to finish working on the house and for Malcolm to work to offset the cost of Val’s surgery (we have a $5,000 deductible policy, so her surgery was all out of pocket).

After paying camp fees, we ran to the house. Val started a load of laundry while Malcolm took the hitch and all the other trailering gear out of the bed of the truck and put it in the garage. He then loaded up the truck with a full bed of stuff going to Faith Rescue Mission to be donated.

We both rode up there and let the guys there unload everything. From there, we dropped by WalMart to pick up some more plastic totes to pack things into and also stopped by San Marcos for some Mexican lunch. After lunch, we went back to the house and Malcolm put a load of storage stuff in the truck and ran it to the storage place, organizing the unit while he was there.

After returning from the storage place, we waited for the laundry to finish drying and loaded up the truck. We stopped by the grocery store and took care of picking up some food, then on back to the trailer to unload. The campground really filled up today. The river side is pretty much full of trailers, tents and motorhomes. The first big crowd of the year. The sunny weather probably played into that.

Malcolm finished dumping the tanks. He and a neighbor worked on the bent slide flange from where the tree limb landed on it several days ago. It is fairly straight but still needs a little persuasion from a rubber mallet. The neighbor said he would bring one back and help finish the job. Malcolm put some more sealant around the plastic trim piece he installed the other day since it was shrinking back a bit. He also used up the rest of our Dicor sealant on the front edge of the roof behind the front cap. We think we’re getting a small amount of water coming in up there.

A friend from church brought us dinner – rotisserie chicken, vegetables and fruit. We enjoyed a quiet dinner and sat down to relax. Malcolm booked an airline ticket for Val to go visit our daughter and family while Malcolm is out west working for a week (first week of March). We also rearranged our schedule a bit to accommodate those trips.


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