Working and Moving Forward

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Our plans have been slowly evolving lately. Since Malcolm has been asked to fly to California for work in a couple weeks, we decided that Val is going to fly to Seattle to visit the grandbabies. While Malcolm is gone from Sunday to Saturday, the best deal we could get on Val’s tickets was from Tuesday (after Malcolm leaves) until the following Tuesday (after Malcolm is already back).

We decided to just stay in Alabama that week (March 10th week) and head to Nashville on the 16th of March. Malcolm will work two weeks there (making 10 weeks working in a row) and then we’ll take four weeks off. The second of those four weeks (April 10th timeframe) is when David is supposed to graduate from Basic Training. So we’ll be meandering our way towards Texas the week before.

Malcolm has been back to work the last couple of days. Things are keeping him busy there. Val went up to the house today to do some laundry and get back into sorting through our remaining stuff – mainly things she can do without any heavy lifting.

After reviewing the furniture and other items yet to be put in storage, Malcolm stopped by the storage place and rented a second unit. The initial 10×10 unit was obviously not going to hold all that we were holding back for the children. David has a pretty good amount of stuff on his own – enough to more than fill the initial storage unit. The second unit should be more than sufficient to finish storing things in.

We are driving David’s car as a second vehicle now. We’re going to take it with us when we move to Nashville and have already secured a place to park it in Nashville when we are away traveling – the driveway of one of Malcolm’s co-workers in the Nashville area. Once David can actually use it on base somewhere (may be a few months from now), we’ll bring it to him.

Home Depot is coming on Friday to measure for carpet. Malcolm is also going to find a glass company to come fix a broken window and replace a piece of glass that shattered years ago in the master bath shower. We’re slowly getting back into gear in getting the house ready to sell.


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