More Work Around the House

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We’ve been working around the house the last few days. Val has been gradually feeling better and moving around pretty normally now. She has been organizing and packing things at the house during the week.

Today, we headed to the house to be there for the Home Depot gentleman to stop by and measure for carpet. We should be ordering that the first of the week. Once he left, Malcolm started putting small things in the back of his truck while he waited for our friend Doug McCord and his son J.D. to come over. They brought a truck and trailer and helped Malcolm get all the heavy items and furniture that we are storing for our son and daughter out of the house and into the storage unit.

Loaded up

Loaded up

Trailer full

Trailer full

Some room left

Some room left

After unloading all the furniture in the storage unit, the McCords headed on back home and Malcolm came back up the house. He mowed the front yard, blowing all the leaves into the ditch in the process (and mulching them with the mower). He found that the mower is going to need work soon, so we’ll probably just sell it and go ahead and get a yard service to start coming by to mow.

We headed into town to get lunch, then stopped by to get more boxes and packing materials for the household stuff. Malcolm also picked up some spray on weed killer for the yard. We went back to the house and he sprayed the yard. After that, we headed to the trailer. Malcolm emptied all the tanks on the trailer, then we fixed dinner and ate.

Time to empty

Time to empty

After dinner, we went out and picked up a prescription, then stopped by the grocery to pick up a week’s worth of frozen dinners to take to the house. The plan this week is to finish packing and storing anything that is being stored at lunch and dinner time. We’ll eat at the house and just keep on plugging away on it. We ran one pickup truck load of boxes and shelves to the storage unit this evening and came back to the trailer to relax.



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