House Nearing Empty

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This morning we got up to head to Prattville for church. We stopped at the new Starbucks there and waited for Val’s sister, Anne, and our niece, Jasmine, to stop by on their way home from Mobile. They wanted to drop off something with us and we had a couple things they forgot the last time they were through here. After they headed up the road, we headed on to church.

After church and lunch, we headed to the trailer to change clothes and then headed to the house to do some more packing and storing. Malcolm ran three pickup truck loads of boxes and leftover small furniture items to storage, including some of our totes from the trailer that contain Thanksgiving and Christmas items, among other things.

We pretty much have all of the childrens’ things out in storage now. We will be finishing up any remaining things to store over the next couple of days as well as running anything we have to Faith Rescue Mission to drop off during the day. We hope to be pretty much done this week, with all the things we plan to sell piled into the garage and out of the house. Still not sure when we’ll have the moving sale to get rid of the last items yet.


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