More House Stuff

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Over the last three days, we’ve about finished running stuff to Faith Rescue Mission’s thrift store. We have three twin mattresses and a box of stuff we’re accumulating that will go there as a last trip. We have a bunch of trash that we’ll divide between our trash bin at the house and the dumpster here at the campground. We have a few boxes and a couple bicycles that need to go to the storage place. Aside from that, we have remaining furniture and a piano to sell or otherwise dispose of and Malcolm needs to go through all the tools and stuff out in the outside shed.

The interior of the house is almost empty and Val has been cleaning as she goes along. Malcolm will be finishing up the baseboard trim (sealant and painting) over the next couple of days and we’ll finish cleaning the garage and putting the rest of the sale furniture out there.

Carpet is ordered and paid for through Home Depot. They will call when the carpet and pad is ready to be delivered and installed and we’ll make an appointment to have that done. Still lots to do otherwise. We need to get a glass company in to take care of a few things (broken window, missing glass in shower and vanity mirrors losing their reflective surface). We’ll also clean up in the back yard and give it a mow and weed spray. From there, we probably will get someone to take care of the lawn from that point forward.

Malcolm flies out to California for work on Sunday. He’s been getting a lot of extra hours this week, so he will get quite a bit of overtime. That will help pay off the carpet purchase pretty quickly. Val flies out to Seattle the following Tuesday, so not much more can or will be done on the house next week. We think we might go ahead and get a realtor in to start the sale part of the process going this week, if possible.

We are both so ready to get back to traveling. Still three more weeks of work before we do that, though. We do have reservations at a campground near Lackland AFB for the week of David’s graduation (and the week after that, just to be safe). That is the start of a four week travel stint. That, after 10 consecutive weeks of work. Having the flexibility to work extra is a great benefit towards keeping our budget balanced, so we’re not complaining too much.


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