Two Different Directions

It’s been a week since our last post, so we thought we’d catch up real quick.

Malcolm is out in southern California on a business trip. He flew out on Sunday (Mar. 2) and is staying in the Laguna Hills area, working in Irvine. He is assisting his co-workers during installation of new equipment and providing troubleshooting skills. The installation and testing activities occur overnight, so Malcolm was up all day Tuesday and started work at 3:30 PM. He dropped into bed about 11:00 AM today. He will be working locally tomorrow and Friday (daytime hours, presumably) and flies back home on Saturday.

Val arrived on Tuesday afternoon in Seattle to visit the grandbabies. She flew out of Atlanta, leaving the campground early Tuesday morning. She had a long day of travel that started with getting David’s car jump-started (the battery went flat on her the night before). She’s having fun visiting the family and returns next Tuesday.

On Saturday, we got a lot of stuff done on the house, including a lot of outdoor landscaping and trim painting in the rooms that were going to be carpeted. The carpet folks arrived Monday morning and were done pretty quickly. The new carpet looks great. When Malcolm returns, he will be running over to the house and taking care of a few other things. The interior of the house is pretty much empty now, with most remaining things in the garage corralled up there.

We’ve been giving some of our friends various pieces of furniture and, whatever is left on Monday will be going to a local charity (they are coming over to pick it all up). We did give our piano to a young lady that answered our somewhat hurriedly placed ad last Friday. She and her Mom came to look at it Saturday morning and brought back a crew to move it later in the afternoon. She even sent us a picture to show us where it landed in her living room and to let us know it arrived safely. We were so happy to have given such a special piece to someone that will love and care for it.


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