Random Musings and Catch Up

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

It’s been a bit (again) since our last post. Malcolm got back from California on Saturday evening, Val arrived back from visiting the family in Washington state last night, so we’re back together again.

On Monday, a local charitable organization brought their truck and took the rest of our home furniture and accessories that none of our friends wanted. Malcolm hung the new shutters on the house. On Tuesday, the tree people came, cut down six trees (one was very dead) and hauled away all the wood and debris.

Monday morning, Malcolm’s laptop decided it was not going to start up. He took it to the local authorized Apple repair facility and they determined the hard disk had died. Fortunately, a couple months ago we bought external hard drives for both of us and started using Apple’s Time Machine backup. Malcolm brought his backup disk with him to the repair shop and they used it to restore his machine to just like it was a couple nights before.

We are going to meet with our realtor and get things going this Friday. Today we sent off our application for mail service through the Escapees organization in Texas. We also renewed our Alabama drivers licenses since they were going to expire in a week or two. Our passes for David’s graduation ceremonies are tied to our AL drivers license numbers, so we decided we would renew them for now and then swap over to Texas sometime a little later, maybe after the graduation ceremonies are complete (since we’ll be in Texas already).

Our mail here goes on hold starting Saturday. We’ll get our new Texas address the first of next week. We decided since our Alabama drivers licenses are coming in the mail and can not be forwarded or mailed out of state, we’re going to stop back through here in a couple weeks when we leave Nashville heading to Texas. We’ll pick up our mail and put the forwarding/change of address in place.

Speaking of Nashville, we are heading up there for Malcolm to work for two weeks (which will make 10 weeks in a row). We’ll drive our son’s car along, too, and use it instead of renting a car while we are up there. We’ve made arrangements to be able to leave it at a co-worker’s house when we travel.

We just lack a couple items to get our house ready for market. Malcolm is going to finish painting some inside trim, Val is going to give the wood floors a good cleaning and we need to finish cleaning stuff out of the attic (mostly all trash). On Saturday, we’re going to be cleaning out the shed and giving most of the stuff away. Some of it is coming out here to Fort Toulouse where they can use the items.

We’re going to hire out any remaining items. Things like pressure washing the driveway and sidewalk, cleaning up the back yard a little better, general yard maintenance and having someone paint the trim on the outside of the house. Our realtor can coordinate those for us in our absence.


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