House for Sale

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Thursday we spent the entire evening painting trim and doors inside the house. Val cleaned the wood floors and Malcolm painted trim, then we switched and Val painted trim and Malcolm did some other things around the house. We were down to the last few things.

Today after lunch, we met with our realtor and signed the necessary paperwork to get the house on the market. She made a list of things that we didn’t get done and will work on hiring it out for us and overseeing the final results. She put her sign out in the yard and was on her way. We marked a few more spots that need some paint or other attention and Malcolm headed back to work while Val headed out to do some shopping.

The Escapees mail service called Malcolm and indicated that before they could accept David’s mail (we were going to forward his mail to them, as well) that they would need a copy of his military ID. Rather than try to get that from him while he is in basic training, we decided we would instead put our mail on hold again here in Wetumpka after we leave Nashville on the way to Texas after picking up what is held the next two weeks. Then we’ll get a copy of David’s ID while we are there for his graduation. After that, we will stop by Livingston, Texas (where the Escapees are headquartered) and finish up the paperwork at that point.

We will probably go ahead and get our Texas licenses and register the truck and trailer there if time permits and everything else works out. From there, we go on to a rally in Gulf Shores, AL. On the way back to Nashville from Gulf Shores, we’ll stop through Wetumpka overnight, pick up our month’s mail, put in the change of address and then head on to Nashville for work. Phew. Hopefully, that will all work out.

Malcolm also cleaned his desk out at the office here (where he has worked since 1998). So, it was a bittersweet day, leaving a home we’ve owned for 13 years and an office where Malcolm has worked for 16 years.


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