Finished at the House

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This morning several of the men from the campground came up to the house, bringing a pickup truck with them (along with ours). Between the three of them, they claimed just about everything in our shed (lawn implements, tools, etc.). We drove all the stuff back to the campground and divided everything up.

This afternoon, Malcolm worked on getting the trailer ready to hook up tomorrow morning. Since we’re expecting some pretty heavy rain coming in overnight, we did as much as possible this afternoon. Malcolm emptied the tanks with the tote (saves standing in the rain and emptying them at the dump station in the morning). He also put some water in the fresh water tank and put the hose away.

In the morning, we’ll just have to unhook power, pull in the slides, hitch up and go. It’s supposed to be rainy the whole day not only here but also in Nashville, so it will probably be a pretty dreary day to move. We’re hoping our contact at the Nashville KOA (that we met at the Tampa RV Show) will get us a pretty decent rate at the campground as a longer-term or frequent stayer. We’ll see.

In better weather, the regulars and full-timers here at the campground get together and pitch in for dinner. We joined them this afternoon for barbecue pork, salads and dessert. It was great to catch up with everyone and just relax. After dinner, we drove over to the house and finished up some last-minute trim painting and hauled our last load of trash back to the campground dumpster.


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