Moved to Nashville

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

We got up early this morning. It rained all night long and hadn’t let up when it was time for us to leave. We donned rain coats and boots and Malcolm headed out to finish unhooking the electric and stowing the various outdoor things that remained. Val readied the interior and pulled in the slides. We spent a quick several minutes hooking up the trailer and doing our pull test. With all that out of the way, we rolled straight on up the road with Val following in David’s car.

We made a few pit stops so that Val could stretch her legs after driving David’s little low-slung car. You don’t realize how much more freedom of movement you have riding in the pickup until you spend some time fairly immobile in a small car.

Rest Area time

Rest Area time

It was raining fairly heavy when we left Montgomery and while it didn’t really fully let up completely, it was lighter the further north we traveled. There were a few small stretches where we didn’t need to run the wipers. There was a light drizzle when we arrived in Nashville. Malcolm arrived first, as Val had to exit early to make a quick pit stop.

We managed to get a nice, long site (a good 80-85′ long). We can park the truck in front of the trailer and the car behind it with plenty of room left over. Since the only people in the office on Sunday afternoon seem to be young helpers, Malcolm noted that he paid full price (less our KOA ValueKard discount) for the site. He is going to call the office tomorrow and see if they came up with any discounted rate for our frequent stays.

We got all set up, including the cable TV, and turned on the heat to warm the interior and help dry it out. We put out our moisture absorbers to help with that end of things. Callie was excited to see new scenery. In the following picture, she is sitting on the new desk we put in the couch slide after moving the Ikea couch out and giving it to one of our Fort Toulouse friends. We will show better pictures once we get organized better and find some chairs to use with it.

Callie guarding the trailer.

Callie guarding the trailer.

Malcolm pulled out the WiFi Ranger and the Verizon USB stick and set it up to use the campground wi-fi and fail over to the Verizon signal if needed. We’ll see how that works out now that we have a decent Verizon signal here. We still have the AT&T mi-fi unit, as well. Once we get things stabilized one way or the other, we’ll stick with that setup.

After relaxing, we went over to Opry Mills mall and ate dinner at Claim Jumpers. The food was pretty good. David got to call us from boot camp right as we were finishing dinner, so we walked to a corner of the mall so that Val could catch up with him. His group earned an extra privilege this week, so he chose to call us. After the call, we walked around the mall to work off a little of our dinner, then headed back to the trailer to relax.


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