Out of Gas

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

LP gas, that is. We knew we had one empty LP tank before we left Alabama, but Malcolm decided to wait until we got to the KOA before filling it. We ran the heat Sunday evening after we arrived and turned it down to 65 for the evening as we usually do.

This morning, Malcolm got up and turned the thermostat up to 72 to help heat the bathroom – but nothing happened. Turns out both tanks were now empty. Val just ran the space heater and fireplace all day. It was decently warm enough outside today. It just barely got down to freezing last night so we didn’t have any water issues this morning.

Malcolm got all set up in his office at work this morning. He had packed up what little stuff he left at his desk in Alabama along with his work computer before we left. He had it all set up on or in his desk here pretty quickly and got right to work. He left a little early to make sure he could get back to the campground in time to re-fill the LP tanks. He got those filled when he got back, so now we have plenty of LP gas.

Since Val couldn’t cook what she had to fix for dinner (needed to be cooked on the stove), we went out to eat at Famous Dave’s (barbecue place). Malcolm ordered a fairly large appetizer sampler for his meal and saved half of it to take to work tomorrow for lunch. We had a $10 off of a $35 or more purchase, so we got just enough food to put us over $35 and got two meals (three, actually, since Malcolm had a lot of leftovers) and desert for about $30.


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