Happy Anniversary (Two Weeks Late)

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this evening (a couple weeks late). We were both out of town on our anniversary (March 8th), so we decided to wait until we got to Nashville and find a suitable place to celebrate. Malcolm looked on the Internet this afternoon and found this wonderful Irish restaurant just a couple miles from our campground.

McNamara's Irish Pub

McNamara’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

The food was delicious and very reasonably priced. Val had the Irish Stew and Malcolm had stuffed pork chops.



We were seated in the music room, which typically has to be reserved a couple weeks in advance. We were fortunate enough to have gotten a table that wasn’t reserved, so we stayed for some of the music. It was very entertaining and capped off a great evening out.

Live music

Live music

Other than celebrating this evening, it has been business as usual for Malcolm.

David's car at the parking garage downtown where Malcolm works

David’s car at the parking garage downtown where Malcolm works

Val did our laundry today and has been sorting through things in the trailer that we brought from home to go through. We have quite a bit of family stuff to still sift through, but most of it is in the storage place in Alabama. We’ll probably pick some up as we pass through.

Our site at the KOA

Our site at the KOA



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