Spring Cleaning

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

HIdden cat

Hidden cat

This morning we started cleaning the trailer. After Malcolm finished his shower, he cleaned the inside with scrubbing bubbles, then finished up by scrubbing the various surfaces around the bathroom. Val dusted, then vacuumed the trailer. Callie is not fond of the central vacuum and usually hides under the bedroom covers when we drag out the vacuum hose and attachments.

Malcolm decided to wash down the outside of the trailer today. We didn’t see anything in the KOA paperwork that prohibited such activities, so Malcolm gave it a good washing. It has been months since it has had a bath and it looks 100% better. Malcolm also took the opportunity to hook up the heated water hose since we are looking at below freezing temperatures a couple nights this coming week. Today was in the 60’s and, if the wind was calm and the sun was out, it was very comfortable short sleeve weather.

We strolled over to the store this morning to pick up some postcards and a bag of ice from the campground store. Malcolm filled the ice bucket in the freezer and put the rest of the bag in the other side. He also wrote out a couple postcards, one for our niece and the other for our granddaughters. After lunch, Malcolm walked the cards over to the office to put them in the mail.

Shiny trailer

Shiny trailer

While there, he decided to go ahead and put in a reservation for our next visit. He asked if there was anything in the computer regarding the deal the business manager had set up with us (essentially half the going rate) and the person entering the reservation indicated that there was nothing there. However, the person was the general manager of the campground and was familiar with the arrangements. Since we paid full price for this two weeks, he entered a note on the computer with our reservation in April for us to have no charge that stay (to balance out paying full price this stay).

While Malcolm was talking with the manager, he asked if it would be possible to stay on one of the sites in the general area where we are staying. The manager said we could not only reserve a particular area, but if we liked the site we were on, he could reserve it particularly for us when we are in town. He typed that into the computer, as well. So, now, when we are in town we know what site we are in and what price we will pay (half of the daily rate). Such a deal. The folks here at the Nashville KOA have been a pleasure to deal with.

Our regular site

Our regular site

The site we are in is 105′ long. We can park the car one one end of the site, the trailer in the middle and the truck at the other end and still have room to spare. There are even two sewer hookups spaced almost exactly the distance apart that our two sewer outlets on the trailer are spaced. It is almost like the site was made for us.

This afternoon, we stopped by Camping World to pick up some rubber landing gear pads. Then we headed to JoAnn Fabrics so Val could get some yarn and other craft project materials. From there, we stopped at Target to pick up a couple items, then on to Kroger for groceries and fuel (3.67 per gallon, less a 10 cent per gallon discount).

Once back at the trailer, Malcolm cleaned up the grill and cooked steaks for dinner. He also drug out the air hose and used to the compressor to air up the trailer tires. This is the first time we’ve had to add air to them since they were put on last April. Not bad.

We saw this cute space heater at Camping World. It looks like a miniature version of the electric fireplaces common to RVs:

Mini Fireplace

Mini Fireplace


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