Interesting Sunday

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

We got up this morning and took our time getting ready for church. We had looked up local PCA (Presbyterian Church of America) churches and picked the next closest one to the one we had gone to the last time we went. Today’s pick was Covenant Presbyterian Church in the southwest part of Nashville. It was a huge and beautiful church, but really too big for us. We’re looking for more of a medium-sized church – something we would feel comfortable in.

After church, we ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom, located right on the edge of the Vanderbilt campus. There were quite a few students eating there along with us old folks. The food was great, as usual. We had a coupon for a free small pizza for our anniversary (milking that as long as we can). After lunch, we headed back to the trailer to change clothes and relax.

As we drove into the campground, a local police vehicle was exiting. Malcolm noticed that it said “Crime Scene Investigation” on it. Nothing else out of the ordinary, though, so he shrugged and we headed on back to our trailer. Malcolm had checked his Instagram feed and someone had commented on the picture he posted from church that they were glad to hear we were OK, given what had happened at the KOA. Now we were curious.

Our next door neighbor filled Malcolm in on the excitement that had gone on while we were at church. Apparently, a couple in a motorhome a couple rows over were found dead this morning in their unit. Apparently, they had left the propane turned on and had been asphyxiated. So sad. The (used) motorhome was new to them in the last week. It was apparently lacking a functioning LP gas detector.

Malcolm spent some time cleaning the outside windows of the trailer before we headed to the local Opry Mills mall to walk around and enjoy a milkshake. Once we were back to the trailer, Malcolm decided to take some allergy medicine and some Tylenol. He had been sneezing and running all morning and developed a headache by mid-afternoon. He ended up napping until later in the evening.

Tonight gets below freezing. Seems winter is having a difficult time letting go this year. We’ll be glad for consistently warmer weather.


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