Productive Day in Town

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today (Monday, 3/31) we were up and moving early. We stopped by the post office to pick up our mail and to put it on hold again. They told us this was the last time we could, which should work out since we should have our new Escapees address by the time we come back through. We also shipped out a box containing the t-shirts we collected during our travels last year to a company that will make them into a quilt for us.

From the post office, we stopped by our storage unit and dropped off a couple things and picked up a couple more. We dropped off some more house keys we found around the trailer at the house. Malcolm stopped into the office to drop off his office key and a pair of reading glasses he had borrowed the last time we were in Alabama. They told him to keep his office key and that they’d keep his code in the alarm system.

We headed on into town for dental appointments. We each had a couple of fillings. Then on to lunch. Malcolm met with his friend Butch and swapped out some hardware for a project Malcolm has been working on for Butch. We ate lunch with him and visited for a while. Our realtor stopped by the restaurant and dropped off a box that was shipped to the house that she found on the porch recently.

After lunch, we headed to the bank and deposited a couple checks as well as all the coins we had collected over the last year or so ($55 worth of silver, but no quarters). Malcolm picked up a prescription at the pharmacy and we were back to the trailer and done by 2 pm. Malcolm spent the afternoon performing some routine maintenance on the trailer. We also started getting things ready for travel.



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