Arrived at Texas Rally

Current Location: Coffee Creek RV Resort, Santo, Texas

We got moving early this morning, trying to beat the potential for weather across Texas today. They were calling for scattered afternoon thunderstorms and increasing wind. We hit the road by 8:00. It was a fairly uneventful trip up. We never hit any rain and had some buffeting wind, but nothing too bad. We arrived here at the campground around 2:00 PM.

Our unit next to a couple Landmarks and another Big Country

Our unit next to a couple Landmarks and another Big Country

We are parked next to the Belettis. They were out when we arrived, so we got set up and walked around to meet folks and to visit. We cooked dinner in the trailer then got the bikes down off the rack and rode around the park a bit. Back at the trailer, we got out the chairs and sat outside to relax.

Jim Beletti came over to visit for a while, then the Dorsey’s stopped by to say Hi. We introduced everyone to our cat, Callie. Rather, she introduced herself through the open window of the trailer. After all the visitors headed on, Malcolm sat down and did our taxes. They’re ready to sign and mail out. He should have done them sooner, as we got refunds from both the federal and state returns.

Here’s another picture of a few of the units here – there are a couple dozen attendees.

More Heartland units

More Heartland units

And here is a random picture of a metal bull at a rest area.





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