On to San Antonio

Current Location: Alamo River Ranch Resort, Von Ormy (San Antonio), Texas

We were up early and were ready to roll out of Coffee Creek by about 8:00 AM this morning. We said a few goodbyes to those walking their dogs or that wandered by to see us off. The decision to take US 281 south all the way to San Antonio was a pretty good decision. It wasn’t a bad route at all. Not much traffic and plenty of places for those that wanted to pass us.

Our first rest stop involved finding a shopping center with a big parking lot so we could stop the rig and use the bathroom back in the trailer. Our later stop for lunch, we found a picnic area along the road (though we ate inside the truck as it was fairly cool outside). We rolled on into the campground here between 1:00 and 2:00 and got set up.

It has become even more obvious that we need a longer 50 amp cord for our trailer. In comparing with others at the rally, we ended up with a fairly short cord (about 25′ long). More and more often, the length of our electric cord has dictated where we end up parking, and our current location is no exception. Our front cap is right at the edge of the road and the cord is stretched fairly tight (though not off the ground). Malcolm is looking into a 35 to 40 foot cord.

The park here has a lot of more permanent looking units, but they are well kept. There is a nice area down near the river here with trails to walk or bike on. Malcolm took his bike and explored after we had been here for a bit. While out riding, he saw a completely white deer bounding through the woods. He tried to get pictures of it with his cell phone camera, but they aren’t clear enough to see anything.

We had a pretty decent storm roll through just before dinner. It hailed for a few minutes (small marble-sized hail) and the wind gusted pretty good. After it all rolled through, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees, making it a bit chilly outside. After dinner in the trailer, Malcolm drove over to the nearby Shell station and filled up the truck with fuel. We relaxed the rest of the evening in the trailer.


One thought on “On to San Antonio

  1. Malcolm, Try http://www.tweety‘s.com for the longer 50 amp. extension cord. They are located in Boerne, TX on I-10 West. Their prices are very competitive and the shipping should be fast and less expensive than other sources since you are close by.

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