Air Force Graduation

Current Location: Alamo River Ranch Resort, Von Ormy (San Antonio), Texas

Today we headed to the base a little later than we did yesterday. We took our time and got ready, had some breakfast and Kyle put on his dress blues. He drove us onto base again and we parked with all the other families and friends. We rode the bus to the parade field. It was very windy and cool, so we were glad we were all wearing jackets.

We watched all the events and Kyle explained to us what some of the various events were. David marched out with the band. Once all the graduation ceremonies were over, we waited while all the band flight members put their instruments in the buses and were released to us. David rode the bus with us back to the welcome center, then we walked over to look at his dorm. He also pulled off his dress jacket and tie.

We met his training instructor, who gave David the standard safety speech which officially released him for the day for his town pass. We walked over to Kyle’s car and headed to downtown San Antonio. David wanted a steak, so we went to Ruth’s Chris and had a great steak lunch. We walked through the RiverCenter mall for a while, then walked over to the Alamo to visit for a bit.

We stopped by a shop to get ice cream, then walked down the riverwalk for a while. We ended up at Rita’s for dinner. Rita’s had handed out $20 coupons to all the airmen during the ceremonies, so we got our meal a bit cheaper. After dinner, we drove back to base and dropped David off a little after 7:00 PM (he had to be back in his dorm at 8:00 PM).

Tomorrow is another town pass. We can pick him up as early as 9:00 AM. So far, the plan is to go to Sea World, as they are giving out free passes for the airmen and their families.

Here are pictures from today’s ceremonies.

The band

The band lined up and ready


Here comes the band

Here comes the band

Band presentation

Band presentation


Giving their oath of enlistment

Giving their oath of enlistment

Marching out

Marching out

There's David (far left)

There’s David (far left)

David (left) and Kyle (right)

David (left) and Kyle (right)



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