Last Visit with David

Current Location: Alamo River Ranch Resort, Von Ormy (San Antonio), Texas

Today was our last day to visit David on base. Kyle left early this morning, so we drove over to the base in the truck this morning to meet David for church at 9:00. He showed up a little late and indicated he was supposed to have gone from 8:00 to 9:00 instead of 9:00 to 10:00, though it wouldn’t have mattered.

Dad, David and Mom

Dad, David and Mom

However, he was supposed to fill out a form 341 (something the AF airmen carry with them all the time to document discrepancies or excellence, among other things) with the number of visitors he was bringing into church with him, but he didn’t have them in a convenient pocket. So, we skipped church.

Instead, we went to the Gateway Club for a morning brunch buffet. The food was very good and we had a nice, relaxing breakfast with David. After breakfast, we went to the main base Exchange so he could finish up some shopping before he leaves tonight. We also went to one of the mini-malls (smaller Exchange store) and did a little shopping there, as well. We also relaxed and had beverages from Starbucks and Malcolm got his hair cut (not military style).

We went back to the main base Exchange and had lunch and visited with David some more. After that, we packed up all his purchases into his suitcase and dropped him off for the last time near his dorm about 3:00 pm. He didn’t have to be back until 5:00, but we had pretty much visited and shopped all we wanted and he needed to get some things out of the way and packed for this evening. He will be boarding a bus for Keesler AFB around 10:30 PM tonight and will arrive there tomorrow around noon.

After dropping David off, we headed back to the trailer and relaxed. Malcolm reorganized the front compartment of the trailer (the toolshed). We snacked for dinner and washed up all the dishes we had accumulated the last several days. The rest of the evening will be spent relaxing.

We originally were going to pull out tomorrow morning and head to Livingston, but there is a cold front blowing in (literally) tomorrow and the weather forecast was calling for high winds and higher gusts. We called the campground here and verified we could stay another day. We paid for the extra day on the way back in. We’ll leave Tuesday morning and head to Livingston, Texas.


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