Warm, Cold, Rain, Wind, Sun

Current Location: Alamo River Ranch Resort, Von Ormy (San Antonio), Texas

Today was quite a mixture of weather. The wind just started blowing all the sudden around the time we were getting out of bed. We had already decided yesterday we weren’t going to move from here to Livingston today due to the anticipated wind and weather. The outside temperature when we got up was in the low 70’s. By noon, it was 44. It did climb back up into the low 60’s by later in the afternoon.

We decided to head to Camping World to pick up a bicycle cover that we’ve been wanting to purchase. We headed across town to New Braunfels to the Camping World there. We kept driving along the interstate looking for Camping World and didn’t see it. The GPS in the truck didn’t want to locate it exactly, so we were guessing about where it was. Finally, we got off what turned out to be one exit early and stopped at a Buc-ee’s.

If you’ve never heard of Buc-ee’s, it is a Texas convenience store/gas station chain. Some of the stores are huge and the one we stopped at in New Braunfels is the largest one in the chain. 65,000 square foot store with 120 gas pumps. Just like everything else in Texas, it was huge. It was fun to walk through, as well.

Buc-ee's from afar.

Buc-ee’s from afar.

Inside the store.

Inside the store.

Trail mix, candy and other snacks line one whole wall, all Buc-ee's branded.

Trail mix, candy and other snacks line one whole wall, all Buc-ee’s branded.

After determining where Camping World was located, and paying for a few small items we purchased at Buc-ee’s, we headed on up to Camping World. We purchased our bike cover and decided to eat lunch at a nearby BJ’s Brewhouse. We had some light items from their lunch menu. After lunch, we stopped at a nearby Auto Zone trying to find some replacement clearance lights for the front of our trailer. We are going to have to have the trailer inspected soon for getting Texas plates and working clearance lights are one thing they look for.

Malcolm didn’t find anything that looked totally suitable at Auto Zone, so we headed to a nearby WalMart, where we found essentially the same selection. We fueled up the truck at WalMart since their diesel price was almost 30 cents lower than the prices on our side of town. After fueling up, we headed back to the trailer, where Malcolm installed the cover over the bikes.

Bikes covered

Bikes covered

After installing the bike cover, Malcolm headed up to the office to have an LP tank filled and got a roll of quarters for the laundry. He headed over to a nearby truck stop and picked up some clearance lights, pigtails and wiring. We’ll see if we can get them working once we are in Livingston, if not somewhat temporarily at least.

After dinner, we did laundry and started packing things up around the trailer in preparation for leaving tomorrow. Malcolm put all the sewer hoses and fittings away (the gray tanks are empty, the black tank nearly so) as well as our outdoor items.



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