On to Livingston

Current Location: Rainbow’s End RV Park, Livingston, Texas

We hooked up this morning and headed out from San Antonio at almost 9:00 AM. The drive was pretty uneventful. We headed east on I-10 to Houston, then took the Sam Houston parkway around to the northeast side of town and picked up I-69, which eventually turns into US 59. That leads up to Livingston, Texas, where we are now.

The campground here is part of the Escapees RV Club facilities and is the main headquarters for the club. Our main purpose for this trip is to get our Texas residency underway. We’re not sure how much of this we can get done the next several days, but we’ll get all we can out of the way while we are here.

The first step is to get our new address via the mail service here. We’ll stop by the office and get that taken care of in the morning. We arrived and got set up a little too late to do it today. Once we have an address, we can start working on licensing the truck and trailer and getting Texas drivers licenses for ourselves.

The first step in the licensing portion is to have the truck and trailer inspected. One issue we’ve had for quite a while that would fail inspection is that two of our three clearance lights on the front cap of the trailer are no longer working. We’ve been debating fixing this for quite a while.

Malcolm bought lights, wire and other materials yesterday before we left San Antonio. As soon as we were set up here today, Malcolm got to work on fixing the lights. He had them all working just after dinner time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware that the side marker on the front of the unit was wired in with the front cap lights and now it was dead (from cutting the wires to the former front cap lights).

A brief inspection showed that a trim panel could be removed from our bedroom closet to gain access to the (non-working) off-door side light. The trim panel in our washer/dryer closet could be removed to gain access to the (working) door side light. Malcolm needed more wire, so we took a break and went shopping. Malcolm dropped Val off at the HEB grocery store and he walked next door to Lowe’s to get  more wire.

Once back at the trailer, Malcolm ran wire from the off-door side light along the baseboard of the closet to the opposite side and hooked it in to the other light. A quick test outdoors with a jumper wire showed that everything is working now. Yay! We loaded everything back into the closets and plopped down to relax.


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