Last Day in Livingston

Current Location: Rainbow’s End RV Park, Livingston, Texas

Yesterday, we decided to take an extended trip (nearly down to Houston) so that Val could go to JoAnn Fabrics and pick up some more yarn for a project she is working on. The only place in Livingston that might have stood a chance of having it was WalMart and it is poorly stocked.

We made a trip of it and wandered right up the road to a local mall. We had lunch at PF Chang’s and then decided not to wander the mall, but rather to head back to the trailer. Malcolm was expecting an overnight package and we needed to pick it up at the Escapees mail room before 4:00. We got there at 3:00 and Malcolm picked up his package.

We had chicken packets cooked on the grill for dinner. Since we had three chicken breasts, we made three packets and invited our next door neighbor over since her husband is out of town on a family emergency. We chatted over dinner and had a great time.

Today, we headed over to catch up on the laundry. It was a good time to catch up with other folks in the park that were doing the same. We mainly just relaxed this afternoon and did some of our pre-packing for moving tomorrow. We had hobo dinners cooked on the grill this evening. After dinner, we ran down to Dollar General to grab a few things. Afterwards, we cleaned the trailer a bit and settled down to relax for the evening.



One thought on “Last Day in Livingston

  1. Was wonderful meeting you, and I hope our paths cross again. Thanks again for sharing a wonderful dinner & conversation.


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