On to Houston

Current Location: Traders’ Village RV Park, Houston, Texas

We left Livingston about 8:30 AM this morning, even though there was no big hurry to do so. We arrived at Traders’ Village about 10:45, checked in and set up the trailer. By the time we were done setting up, the crowd coming in to the flea market had picked up substantially, so we did good by leaving when we did.

After getting set up, we headed out to run a few errands. First stop was lunch, as we were both hungry already. Panera Bread took care of the healthy fixins. From there, on to Camping World in Katy, Texas. The bicycle cover we purchased in New Branfels had a faulty zipper. We couldn’t zip the cover back up when we were packing up the trailer in Livingston, so back in the box it went. Swapping it out at Camping World (without a receipt) was no problem at all.

After Camping World, we stopped at Tractor Supply to get cat food. Malcolm was prohibited from buying anything horse-oriented, so we were in and out of there pretty quickly. On the way back from there, we stopped at Home Depot to get a new handle for the closet door that we modified the other day, as well as some wood filler to fill the holes leftover from the current handles and the hinges removed from the left-hand door.

After Home Depot, we stopped in to JoAnn Fabrics to get some scrapbooks and related supplies. We have two very old family cookbooks (Malcolm’s mother’s family) that are falling apart. We are going to put the individual pages into clear plastic pages to preserve them. The pages are a mix of handwritten recipes and newspaper clippings.

After all those stops, we got back to the trailer. Malcolm put the new bike cover over the bikes, then set himself to work on the closet door. The old handles were removed, holes drilled for the new one and the new handle was put in place. Various holes were filled with stain-able wood filler. After it has dried sufficiently, Malcolm will go back and sand them down a bit and hit them with some stain.

Old handles on our dusty doors

Old handles on our dusty doors

New handle

New handle





After dinner, we headed to the grocery store and picked up some groceries. Upon returning, our keyless entry keypad on the trailer was non-responsive. We figured the battery was getting low, as it had been acting up lately. Malcolm replaced the batteries in the door latch mechanism and it was operating noticeably faster. When he pulled the button cell battery out of the keypad, it came out wet.

Putting a new battery in allowed it to work somewhat, but it was making funny noises. Malcolm pulled it off the wall of the trailer and cleaned up all the sticky residue. The door handle part (with the keyfob remotes) still works fine – it is just the keypad that is broken. We’ll see if we can get it replaced under warranty.



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