Time for Another Rally

Current Location: Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Yesterday, we basically took it easy around the trailer most of the day. Malcolm drove over to the office in the morning and paid for our site since we got in after office hours. David called a little after 4:00 and indicated that a couple of his friends that are allowed to leave base were waiting for us at the main gate to Keesler and one would ride back in to the base with us. We threw our things in the truck and drove straight over. We got in with no problem.

We met David and his roommate and walked over to the main base Exchange and ate dinner in the food court. Afterwards, we walked around the Exchange and David bought a few things he needed. We walked back over to his dorms with him, gave him hugs and handshakes and headed back to the trailer for the evening.

This morning we were in no real hurry, so we headed out to find the local post office to mail some packages. We got there a little early and our granddaughter, Scarlet, called us on Facetime. We chatted with her and our daughter, Elizabeth, for a while until Scarlet was ready for breakfast. We said our goodbyes and headed on into the post office to get our packages shipped on their way.

After the post office, we stopped by a gas station near the campground to fill up the truck and to look for some Biloxi postcards. Since there were no postcards there, we drove up the street a bit to a big souvenir shop and found postcards and a t-shirt for our quilt there. We headed back and hitched up the trailer and headed east to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a Heartland rally. It was a fairly short drive. We got in after lunch time and immediately fixed something to eat once we were all hooked up.

Our complete setup

Our complete setup

After lunch, we decided to set up our Easy-Up and make our own little outdoor sitting area. We got it all set up and settled down to relax when others from the rally started congregating and chatting. Eventually, we all agreed on heading to Doc’s Seafood Shack for dinner, where we had excellent food and great service.

Standing outside after dinner

Standing outside after dinner

Great looking group

Great looking group

After dinner, several folks were talking about congregating around a campfire somewhere, but Val was getting a headache, so we decided to stay in for the evening.


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