Rally Day 3

Current Location: Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama

This morning, we walked around and visited with others who were outside, trying to get a feel for what folks were going to be doing. We heard that some of them were heading to a farmer’s market, so we set out to check that out. Turns out there weren’t very many vendors there and it was a couple bucks to park, so we moved on.

We drove around Orange Beach and doubled back towards Gulf Shores to head back to the clothing store that Val had found some clothes in on Thursday. She wanted to look at the swimwear. Malcolm headed over to Target and picked up a couple items then drove back over and picked up Val. We ate lunch at LuLu’s, then headed on back to the trailer.

We did a lot of our pre-trip packing, putting away our outside “porch” while Malcolm emptied the black and gray tanks. The bikes went back to their place on the carrier and were covered up and we generally just put everything away. We plan on heading out early in the morning. Val baked cookies for the dinner this evening.

We headed over to the activity hall about 4:40 to drop off our cookies and so that Malcolm could start setting up his camera and tripod for the group picture. We all lined up and had our picture taken (Malcolm set the timer and ran over to be in the picture), then back to the activity hall for dinner. After dinner, we had a prize giveaway, dirty Santa-style.

Everyone dispersed back to their trailers and we wandered around to say some goodbyes. It has been a great rally and the weather has been perfect. Tomorrow morning, we’ll head out to stop overnight in Wetumpka to take care of some business, then on to Nashville on Monday.

Here are some pictures from this evening:

Group picture

Group picture

Our fearless leaders - Hogan and Donna

Our fearless leaders – Hogan and Donna

Reta handing out information about the oral cancer organization

Reta handing out information about the oral cancer organization

Door prizes

Door prizes




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